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Welcome to The Center for the 21st Century 
Carolyn Corbin Who we Are

The Center for the 21st Century is a socioeconomic think tank specializing in identification of critical 21st century issues and formulation of actionable plans for future success.  Carolyn Corbin, founder and president, is an internationally renowned author, speaker, socioeconomic futurist, and consultant.

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How we Work
Working with corporations, nonprofits, and governments along with religious and community-based organizations, the Center continuously investigates the future and creates cutting-edge resources designed to position its clients in the right place before the right time.

Many organizations who have already identified their needs call on the Center to uniquely customize speaking, training, and executive sessions to meet their specifications. Specializing in fresh, new approaches, the Center delivers state-of-the-art client services.

Examples of presentation topics include:

  Community Leadership 4.0:
Impacting a World Gone Wiki
Competitive Trump Card for the 21st Century 
  Great Leaders See the Future First:
Taking Your Organization to the Top in Five Revolutionary Steps
Leading with Vision 
  Global Overview:
Five Forces Radically Changing Our World
in the 21st Century
  Dialoguing Our Differences:
Thriving Together in a Diverse World 
  Great Leaders Begin Within:
Developing Courage, Ethical Character, and Emotional Intelligence
Empowered Entrepreneur: 
Lifeskills for Succeeding On Your Own 
Multi-Generational Diversity:
Understanding Distinct Differences in
Values and Views
  The 21st Century Community:
Group Dynamics and Citizen Behavior 
Managing Conflict and Ordering Chaos
  A Promise to America:
Four Requirements and Three Promises
(presentation designed for churches and religious organizations)

The Center offers:
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Executive Briefings
  • Think Tanks
  • Customized Research
  • Seminars
  • Consulting

Center for the 21st Century
21 Country Ridge Road
Melissa, Texas  USA  75454-8900
Telephone: (214) 802-5212
Facsimile:  (972) 838-4355
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