Hear what people are saying about Community Leadership 4.0: Impacting a World Gone Wiki

"At California State University we have a Master's degree program in Public Administration. I teach the organizational leadership class in that program. It is rather unique in that we target students who are working in government at the local level. As a result, I was especially interested in Community Leadership 4.0: Impacting a World Gone Wiki since it focuses on leadership in communities. I think this new book is an enormous contribution to the literature on community leadership. I am scheduled to teach the leadership class in the fall, and I will certainly assign it in that class."

--Professor William Wallis
Graduate Studies in Public Administration
California State University

“As an early worker for civil rights and a women’s rights activist, I feel that outstanding community leadership is imperative if we are to live and work together on the global stage. At Peacemakers Inc. we have members from 45 nations while seeking to fulfill our mission of world-wide community networking and programming. At the Castleberry Peace Institute at the University of North Texas, a collaborative partnership between Peacemakers, Inc. and the University of North Texas, we are working to build nonviolent communities all over the world through peace research and education. The book, Community Leadership 4.0: Impacting a World Gone Wiki, will be a valuable resource for our work and a gift for future world leaders as they quest for human rights and international harmony.”

--Vivian Castleberry
Castleberry Peace Institute at the University of North Texas
Founder, Peacemakers Inc.

"Carolyn Corbin has distilled the essence of community and leadership for the next decade (at least) into a primer that is both insightful and effective.  She clearly understands the immutable principles of leadership and has crafted practical lessons on what remains constant and what must change to lead communities in an uber-connected society.  While Carolyn’s style of writing is conversational, she punctuates each chapter with specific key points, then challenges the reader’s thinking through poignant questions that invite self-examination and change.  Community Leadership 4.0 is a must read for everyone, but especially for those digital immigrants who wish to continue and advance their leadership effectiveness in a world gone Wiki."

-Jeff Wacker
HP (Hewlett-Packard) Enterprise Services
Office of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

“Having just finished reading Community Leadership 4.0: Impacting a World Gone Wiki, I think this is something that the community leadership coordinators should read to give them insight into communities that want to strive to reach the 4.0 status!

I found the book to be an insightful look at strengthening and transforming communities to become sustainable in our ever increasing global world.  As our global awareness becomes more prevalent, communities need to position themselves to be sustainable.  The book was a thought provoking look at navigating a path to build strong, effective, and healthy communities and certainly a must read for community leaders who want to make a difference.

It gave me pause at how ineffective many communities are today.  How exciting to know that there is a positive force that can unite communities and build hope for the future. We should be more diligent as community leadership coordinators to seeking such leaders and support their efforts.”

--Lura Hammond
Manager, Association of Leadership Professionals
Partner, Leadership On the Move

“Enjoyed the book. I have passed it to our leadership program manager at the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce for evaluation as a resource for our leadership training. I am also part of a regional economic development partnership, and the members all have leadership programs. I will recommend Community Leadership 4.0: Impacting a World Gone Wiki to them because I think it will be beneficial to their programs as well. We all want our communities to thrive. This book sources, guides, and will define community leadership roles. Those who read and apply it will acquire the tools to develop leaders for the new global landscape through the development and enhancement of universal skills.”

--John Dugan, EDFP
Vice President, Marketing & Recruitment
San Angelo (Texas) Chamber of Commerce

"Carolyn Corbin is one of the most successful, intelligent and insightful business professionals I have known in my thirty year career. She is able to see beyond the obvious, analyze key trends and describe likely outcomes in a way that is easy to understand and to put into practice."

--David Alexander
Executive Vice President SGA, Inc.
Former Partner with Accenture


“What do Seneca Falls, New York; Greensburg, Kansas; Durham, North Carolina; Seattle, Washington; McKinney, Texas; Kiev, Ukraine and Amsterdam, Holland have in common? They are some of the places you will pass through as Carolyn Corbin leads you on a thoughtful and forward-looking journey into the ways those who really care are shaping their communities for the future. It's a journey filled with information leaders must be contemplating as our communities face the emerging forces of the 21st century."

--Dr. Gary D. McCaleb, Vice-President, Abilene Christian University (ACU)
Executive Director, Center for Building Community, ACU
National League of Cities, Formerly on Board of Directors

Texas Municipal League, Former President

Community Leadership 4.0 is an inspiring and practical roadmap for building strong communities and organizations in the 21st century. It is rich in how-to advice and examples of locales and individual leaders who are adapting successfully to constant, wrenching change.”

--Knight Kiplinger
Editor in Chief and President
The Kiplinger Letter, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance
, and Kiplinger.com
, DC

Community 4.0: Impacting a World Gone Wiki is a game-changer if people will really read and follow its guidelines. Author Carolyn Corbin is a penultimate futurist whose predictions made in previous books coincide with the characteristics of the world in which we now live.  The book provides an eye-opening view into the future based on history and current influencers such as the Internet and the global interaction that can now occur instantaneously enabled by social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter.

Corbin confirms that we currently live in the global community and global economy also predicted by Thomas Friedman in 2005, and she further supports that living in such a global environment is already a game-changer for communities large and small.  She asserts that leaders with the drive and characteristics to successfully lead their communities into the volatile future must think differently from traditional leaders of the past. She explains that Community Leaders 4.0 are ordinary people with extraordinary willingness to change their own thinking and to influence others to contribute their own specialty skills and thinking to collectively move their communities into the future.

Community Leadership 4.0, Impacting a World Gone Wiki, is a workbook for all of us who desire to see our own families, communities, and collectively to see our nation thrive.  The book contains detailed exercises suitable for individual and group use, and it includes case study examples of leaders who are representative of Community 4.0 leaders.  It is definitely worth a serious read.  Application of its principles provides the roadmap for leaders to move their communities successfully through the 21st century, avoiding community decline.”

--Dr. Ann Beheler
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Portersville College (California)
Primary Investigator
National Science Foundation Convergence Technology Center
Collin College (Texas)