Hear what people are saying about Conquering Corporate Codependence

"Conquering Corporate Codependence gave me the impetus to take control of my own career.  Rather than feeling a victim, I feel free and empowered."

--Tyler Jones, of ABC's hit TV show Home Improvement

"I enthusiastically recommend Carolyn Corbin's Conquering Corporate Codependence as reinforcement of a lifestyle which should permeate Corporate America."

--James N. Miller, author of
The Corporate Coach

"In today's world, we all need the kind of 'lifeskills' addressed by the author.  These concepts and this advice can make a real positive difference in the future for any of us."

--Dr. Jack R. Wentworth, Dean, School of Business, Indiana University

"A valuable guide to taking charge of your career."

--Dr. Adele Scheele, Career Strategies columnist, Working Woman magazine

"...jobs are being eliminated at rates that are truly frightening to those who never dreamed of receiving a pink slip.  Carolyn Corbin provides a highly useful guide for both management and employees to adapt effectively to this new reality which will dominate the rest of this decade and perhaps beyond."

--A. Gary Schilling, economic consultant and Forbes columnist

"'Indipreneurial' lifeskills are essential for leaders, managers, and anyone else who wants to be prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st Century."

--Richard C. Bartlett, Vice Chairman
Mary Kay Corporation